Thursday, October 25, 2012


MCA is having a great event out at Tucker Hill (a super cute McKinney neighborhood) called Pumpkinville.  It's a "makeshift" pumpkin patch (there's tons of pumpkins, no real patch) complete with hay maze, hayrides, games and fun!  We headed up there on Saturday morning and were greeted by one of my sweet students Lizzy!

Luke made a bee-line for the hay maze and he spent most of his time running (and falling) through the hay (as evidenced by the TERRIBLE flare up of his eczema that night).

They had croquet set up and we had to have some very specific instructions about NOT swinging the croquet mallet like a golf club after almost taking a kid out.

There were several cute little "photo ops" - none of which my mobile Mason wanted to sit still form.  We opted out of the arboretum this year and I'm thankful we did - as my frustration level about looking at the camera and sitting still would have been through the roof! :) hahaha

The boys searched through all the pumpkins for the perfect ones to create our "pumpkin family"...

Mason attempted to lift every pumpkin he came across...

And Luke posed on some antique farm equipment :)

Another cute photo set up and another failed attempt at a picture :)

Mason and Dave checked out the bocce ball...

... and then we headed over to this cute little house to attempt another picture.

Then it was back to the hay maze for another run...

Finally! A cute picture!!! :)

Mason pointing and probably yelling "BAW" (translation: ball... what he called all the pumpkins)

We picked out and loaded up our pumpkin family and headed out on a hayride.
It was such a fun morning and a sweet memory with my boys.  Can't believe there will be ANOTHER McAnally with us at Pumpkinville next year! CA-RAZY!  If you're thinking about making a stop at Pumpkinville, it's open every day and there's info up on the MCA Website.  I'll be out there volunteering on Monday from 1:30 - 3:30 so you should totally stop by and see me (and bring me a Starbucks Venti Awake hot tea with sweet and low and a splash of non-fat milk... 'cause it's gonna be CHILLY) hahaha :)

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