Friday, October 26, 2012

Band Reunion

I've mentioned it before, but Dave and I met in 1999 while in the McKinney High School marching band.  I played trombone (AWESOME! hahaha) and Dave was drumline captain (and therefore WAY cooler in band status than I was).  We were introduced at Black Eyed Pea, shared mozzarella sticks and it was done!  We've been together ever since. :)

This was at at a football game in 2000 - Dave's Senior Night...

When talking on Facebook with some friends about our 10 year high school reunion, we decided to have our own reunion.... for just band people.  hahaha

A Facebook event was set up and planning started and a couple of Saturdays ago we headed to Finch Park to meet up with some old friends.  I am seriously lacking in the photo department - but here are a couple.
Luke decided to help himself to Cheetohs... can you tell???

He spent the majority of our time there digging in the sand volleyball court with my friend Colleen's son, Myles.  He was cracking us up because he had a kid in his mother's day out program a couple of years ago named Miles who he STILL talks about.  So for the past couple of weeks he's talked about digging in the sand with "The Nice Myles from the park" NOT "The mean Myles from my old school" :)

He told me that they were trying to dig to the center of the earth to see what it was made of.  Myles thought it was probably made of dirt, but Luke thought it might be made of cheese :)

Of course Mason wanted to play in the sand as well and despite our reservations we let him play.  He was in there for all of 23 seconds before he took a huge handful of sand and shoved it in his mouth...

We had a great time catching up with some old friends and hope to be able to do it again.

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  1. STOP IT!! This is too funny!! Love the pics. Glad you finally posted this! XOXO


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