Wednesday, October 24, 2012


About two weeks ago we were sitting at the dinner table and I said to Luke, "Hey... would you like to have a new baby at our house???"  He GLEEFULLY replied with a resounding YES and then followed it up with, "Where will Mason go???"

Yes people, Luke misunderstood my new baby comment to mean a "replacement" baby for Mason... and he was excited about it.  I can't really blame him - Mason is ALL up in his business ALL the time.  HE wants to be near Luke 24/7 and Luke is really very patient - but I guess the allure of the newborn baby who just lays there and doesn't try to destroy his lego tours was too much to resist.

After we clarified that this wasn't a replacement baby, but ANOTHER baby he immediately had 3 questions/statements...
1) How is the baby going to come out.  I told him that a doctor would be taking the baby out, but he wanted to know specifics.  We managed to divert the conversation for now, but Shay - I may be taking you up on your offer to use your c-section pictures :)

2) He wanted to know if the baby was a boy.  We explained that only God knew and that we'd have to wait a while to find out.  He said that was fine since it was going to be a boy... he knew it.  He followed that statement up with, "There's only room for one girl in our house and that's YOU!"  Nice.  Over the last few weeks I've tried to entice him with the thought of possibly having a baby sister (fun new girl toys, pink clothes, hairbows) and he is unamused by all of it.

3) He asked if he could give the baby a "knick knack name" (seriously, cutest thing ever... right???) and I said sure!  Without hesitation (I at least thought he'd have to mull it over a bit) he stated that the babies knick knack name is "Popcorn".  Which is why he has been singing songs to popcorn, picking out a pumpkin at the patch for Popcorn and prays every night that Popcorn turns out to be a boy :) 
I'm still feeling blah (and by blah I mean ick, gross, nauseous, woozy and anything else that means throwing up 5+ times a day while only being able to munch on foods.  UGH).  I had a checkup last week and got to hear Popcorns heartbeat for the first time and everything checks out perfect! I'm crossing my fingers that I start to feel better now that I'm past the 13 week mark (I'm actually 14 weeks now) - but I figure if I don't feel good for a couple more weeks it's okay - as long as I'm able to CHOW DOWN on Holiday goodies by the time Thanksgiving rolls around.  

Other than the ickiness, some of the tiredness is starting to fade and I think I have a little more energy... it's hard to tell since most days I'm out the door before 7 a.m. and don't really stop until both boys are in bed at 8 p.m. which is kind of exhausting on it's own :)  I'm definitely starting to show and am on the hunt for LOTS of leggings- I have a feeling that we're going to be besties this Fall and Winter.  I'm hot ALL THE TIME which is why if you stop by my house the boys (Dave included) will all be wearing sweatshirts and I'll be complaining about it feeling like an oven or if you come to my classroom you may hear teeth chattering :)  I catch myself being "hormonal" on occasion... but it's usually AFTER I've told Dave that our house is falling apart because he put the baking dish back in the wrong cabinet and then turned around and cried because Mason "looks really big".

The first quarter of school is down, so my next goal is to get through Mark and Diana's wedding as well as MCA Homecoming (I'm planning the Middle School dance as well as ALL the Homecoming week activities... BUT I won't be there for any of it since I'll be participating in the rehearsal dinner/wedding/etc -nothing that A LOT of delegation and parent volunteers can't handle... I hope) in one piece.  After that it's Thanksgiving and Christmas and the glorious Christmas break.  My big goals right now are to figure out where everyone is going to sleep and work on turning Luke's current room into a shared space for him and the Masonator.  I'm hoping that if I can get the room ready and maybe work on getting them settled in there this winter it'll be one less thing on my plate come April. 

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