Saturday, September 22, 2012

Messy Mason

Mason West is a MESS!  He's a FABULOUS eater, but is messy in every sense of the word.  He'll occasionally use a fork, but typically he places the food onto his fork using his hands.  He manages to get food ALL OVER himself at almost every meal - including in his ears, in his hair and on his toes. 

Since his high chair sits on one of our kitchen chairs and he was making a habit of rubbing those dirty little fingers all over the chair - we've had to resort to putting a t-shirt over the back of the chair in an attempt to keep it clean.

Most meals end in a bath, because that's easier than trying to wipe him clean - and I have no clue how his babysitter sends him home squeaky clean every day :)

Not only is he a mess, but he's a total ham :)


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