Sunday, September 23, 2012

Second Best

What is the second best holiday to decorate for??? (Christmas is first, duh!)
HALLOWEEN!!!!  I love me some Halloween!  I have really fun and fond memories of Halloweens as a kid and I love that Halloween really "kicks off" the Holiday season. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

I try not to go overboard, but definitely want it to be festive.  Here's a view from my front door..

And my entry table..

I currently have too many Sid Dickens blocks to hang up (I need three more to make another row), so I have a few that I display in easels.  This one and another one are out in my kitchen and I think that they're fun with the Halloween stuff.  

There's lots of laboratory glass around - last year I kind of had a "mad scientist" thing going on, I put them out again this year, but think I'll probably fill them with candy corn and other candy at some point.

This is the "lego dresser" (yes, because it's filled with lego pieces, booklets, etc., etc., etc.)

And it has one of my favorite little arrangements on it...

This is my buffet table in my kitchen, I pondered switching out Luke's artwork for more seasonal prints, but couldn't make myself do it :)

SIGH! They're getting so big! Here are my boys in the Pirate and Robot costumes before our Sunday School class's Harvest Party last year:

And here they are dressed up as a hamburger and hot dog (they're "real" Halloween costumes)

This is the fireplace in my kitchen and I saw shutters somewhere last year (probably on Pinterest) and really wanted to find an old pair.  THEN - when I was putting Christmas stuff back in our attic I found a pair! (random, I know... but when the previous owners renovated they took them off of what used to be the wet bar and just stuck them up there)

This used to be the wet bar where the shutters were...

This was my first opportunity to get to decorate my "new" kitchen and I'm obsessed!  I'm still loving the antiqued cabinets and I think that they make all my decor look that much better!

If you're my FB friend then you probably saw this wreath on FB... I made it about a month ago out of tulle, burlap and ribbon.  It's looking a little lopsided in the picture, but I really like how it turned out.

Here's another Sid Dickens block in my little corner counter window:

And my favorite spot to spiff up - the bay window behind my kitchen sink!

I've had this little wooden house FOREVER and originally it had some creepy ghosts and stuff in the windows so I removed all that and replaced it with orange vellum paper.  During the day the light shines through and at night I put little LED tea lights behind there. SO FUN!

My plate that the boys "made" last year (we'll have to make a new one next year with THREE little hand/foot prints)

A little framed Halloween sticker picture that Luke made last year (or maybe the year before... I can't remember)

My favorite little pumpkin man thing and a picture of Luke and I two Halloweens ago (I was pregnant with Mason and he was dressed as a monkey and WAY too busy to take a picture with his mom)

If you don't have any Halloween decorations out GO GET SOME! Light a fall-scented candle, put up some cobwebs and candy corn and bid ADIEU to summer and hello to Fall fun! :)


  1. It looks so spooky and so fantastic!! I can't wait to come over and see it! Love! Love! Love!!

  2. oh my goodness, you put me to shame! Everything is so cool! You can come do my house in your spare time :)


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