Wednesday, September 19, 2012


What's one of the benefits of having a group of friends with kids the same age as mine???  Being able to form our own soccer team!  We figured that if we were going to attend practices and games for eight weeks, that we might as well do it together.  :)  Thus... the Gators were born.

(Sidenote: I totally wanted them to be "The Bananas", because how fun would it be to yell, "Go BANANAS!" at games... but my friends lacked the same enthusiasm for the name - maybe next season.  hahaha)

This is Luke before his first practice.  He put his gear on when we got home at 4:00 and it had to be forcibly removed when he got home from practice that night at 8:00.  The shin guards are super cute, but after having a brother who played soccer for YEARS (and still does), I'm already dreading the "funk" that comes along with a well-loved pair of guards. EWWWW!

This past Saturday was their first game, and despite a mix-up and some hectic RACING to the sports complex, the kids were BEYOND excited...

Xander, Luke and "The Other Luke"
(my Luke won't stand on the bench because he is SERIOUSLY afraid of heights - yes, even standing on a bench heights)

Jaxson, Olivia and Luke
1) Could they look any cuter
2) WHEN on earth did they get this OLD?!?!?!

Carter manning his self-proclaimed position at the goal.  He was cracking us up - not protecting his own goal, but just waiting for the ball to come to him so he could have an opportunity to kick it in. SMART kid :)

Smart boy and his mama...


Best group picture I got. hahaha :)

These are out of order, because the last pictures were at the end of the game - but whatever.

Right before Luke's goal...

SCORE!!!!! :)

Brother was there, shoeless, (did I mention it was hectic???) cheering on the gators and sharing his snacks with Maddox.
Still can't believe that all these kiddos are big enough to be playing sports - and so so so grateful that they get to do it with their friends.  No other group of kids I'd rather watch play and no other group of girls I'd rather be "soccer moms" with :)  We're looking forward to an awesome season for the Gators!

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