Saturday, August 18, 2012

iPhone from the week

Here are a bunch of iPhone pics from the last week or so. 
This is Luke last Thursday morning at Starbucks before he and I headed to in-service.
Luke knows whether or not we're going to Starbucks based on which way we turn out of our neighborhood and he loves it when we go because they always give him pound cake.  :)

He had lots of fun with his friends at ESS and was WIPED!  We headed to the pediatrician to take Mason for his check-up and when I went to get Luke out of the car this is how I found him...

Mason sporting Luke's awesome hat :)

This is a typical Mason kiss - he tries to eat your face :)

On Friday, Mason stayed home from his babysitter and Dave stayed home with him in the morning and Haha came over during naptime.  I came home for lunch and Mason was excited to see me (and eat my lunch) :)

He was really upset and kept yelling and going over to this picture of Luke in our family room.  I think he was confused about why I was home and Luke wasn't.  Such a sweet little brother.

Drinking tea and looking like a skydiver :)

Last Saturday morning Luke built a "cake factory" with his Duplo:

Later in the day he and Mason had TONS of fun with a wrapping paper roll...

... and then Luke showed me his muscles :)

Monday morning we headed out to in-service bright and early and found this sign in our yard!

Luke was super excited...

... not so excited to take a picture with mommy :)

Mason had JUST woken up right before we were walking out, so he looks a little dazed.

That night was "Meet the Teacher" so we picked up some flowers at Whole Foods before heading to school:

This is the Pre-K Aide, Mrs. Steenburg - Luke loves him some Mrs.Steenburg!

Meet the Teacher is probably my favorite night of the school year.  Everyone is excited and nervous and it's just so much fun!  This year my turnout was bigger than ever thanks to the new middle school. 

Apparently on Tuesday morning I was ready for Fall :)

Tuesday afternoon I had PeiWei and I thought that my fortune was appropriate after a week of in-service :)

Tuesday after school Luke was WIPED again ...

It was early dinner, early bath and early to bed on Tuesday night since the first official day was Wednesday and after I tucked Luke in I saw that I had a text from Narci saying that she and her Luke had dropped off a surprise on our doorstep.  It was soooooo sweet! :)

Wednesday morning Daddy and Luke enjoyed a little breakfast in bed before school...

Here's a quick pic of the chalkboard sign I made for Luke to hold up.  It was an ugly framed print I picked up for $1 at Goodwill and I took the glass out, had a piece of PDF cut down, painted the frame, spayed the MDF with chalkboard paint.  I'm excited to get to use it for other holidays and occasions :)

Luke's teacher texted me this picture of Luke-man on his first day. They were out on the playground and as you can tell by the mud all over his legs... he was having a great time.

I already posted about our first day, but here's a picture of us ready for school on Thursday...

We brought my MCA t-shirt quilt up on Thursday so that Luke would have something other than scrap fabric to cuddle with after school :)

Friday morning we were both pretty tired (hence Luke's sleepy face and my last minute ponytail - hahaha).

So we stopped at Starbucks!!! :)

Here are a couple of pictures I got from Luke's teacher on Friday.  Pre-K and K were dismissed at 11:15 on Thursday and Friday, but since I teach Middle School I was teaching until 2:40 on Thursday and 1:15 on Friday and so Luke got to spend some one-on-one time with his teachers.

We got home on Friday afternoon and Mason decided he wanted to help me with the laundry...

Last night I thought that Luke was asleep... but instead of sleeping he had built a train track going from his train table into the tent on his bed.  Crazy kiddo!

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