Saturday, August 18, 2012

New Classroom

MCA added a new middle school this year... but not a new building.  At the end of last school year I was told that I was going to have to leave my big, airy, open classroom (with all the cabinetry and great view) and move to a portable at the other end of campus where our new middle school was going to be housed.  To say I was nervous is an understatement.  I had been in my room for 6 years and wasn't looking forward to moving to "The Peninsula" as student fondly refer to it (sometimes we also refer to middle school as "The Patio" or even "Juarez" hahaha)

Once the move was imminent, I embraced it and decided to make my little portable fun, girly, inviting and homey.  It was a mess when I got in there, but I think it's getting there.  I'd still like to add some window coverings (I'm thinking solid pink valences with yellow trim... maybe) and have more frames to add, but for now it is what it is.  

Here's the view of room 505 from the student doorway...

The SmartBoard had to be mounted in between those windows, so there wasn't really any good option for seating other than rows.

Standing to the doorway, if you look to the right this is what you see...

Looking back toward the door (on the far right of the picture below).
This table is where I keep all my extra copies of assignments from when kids have been absent (pink crate) and where my bathroom signout and other stuff is all kept.  The pink trimmed magnet board was made for me by a student a couple of years ago:

I have Ryan Gosling "Hey girl" pictures scattered throughout.  I think it adds a nice touch :)

This table is to the right of the SmartBoard and it is where my laptop goes and is pretty much where I'm "stationed" during class... kids turn their papers in there, etc., etc.

The opposite corner...

Since I don't use the white board for lessons, I turned it into a big assignment calendar...

Kids are always sending me funny pictures, verses, etc. (and I'm pinning them on Pinterest - hahaha) and my faves I print out and put around the room...

I hate! E.T. and so one of my lovely students drew this for me a couple of years ago :)

The room had this weird "nook" where I couldn't put desks, so I decided to make it my little area:

Flowers from my boys :)

Look girls! It's our picture :)

(For those of you who aren't math nerds, a TI-84 is a graphing calculator - hahaha)

This is where I do a lot of my prep - keep my copies, lesson materials, etc.

These are a few of my favorite things :)

The big square frames used to be in our little "den" and then they hung in Luke's room...

I repurposed them into the two with the chevron print fabric...

This picture was back in June... these used to have "gilded" frames and hung above my kitchen cabinets.  I spray painted the frames, made the little verses and....
... now they look like this!

There's a door that leads to this little hallway with two storage rooms and then the door on the far end opens up into our Latin teacher's room.  She and I are trying to figure out what to do with our hall space.  Once it's cute I'll show y'all, but for now here's what it looks like...

 Anyway, hope that you enjoyed the tour!  It's small, but fun :)  The girls have loved it! hehehe
Totally different than my old classroom, but I'm loving it so far.


  1. I love it! I want to come and work there with, I just want to come, sit in the comfy chair, drink Starbucks and flip through a magazine while you work. That's what I want to do.

  2. Oooooh! Me too! Me too! Love all the chevron. I literally have one picture in a frame in my office.

  3. Also..just took me 3 times to prove I wasn't a robot.

  4. I'm just wondering where you find the time to be so darn crafty. It makes me sick. J/K! (no, really.)

  5. Will you be my math teacher?? So fun. So So FUN!


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