Thursday, August 16, 2012

Luke's First Day

Yesterday was Luke's first day of Pre-K.  It literally seems like yesterday that I was sitting in the Upper School Director's office thinking about taking a job at MCA and when he mentioned the salary he casually threw in there that "maybe one day I'd have kids and the tuition discount would be like added salary) hahaha

Well, here we are 7 years later on Luke's very first day!

I made the little chalkboard sign and we were all ready for pictures, but the sun wasn't :)  I didn't even think about how it would still be dark when we rolled out of the driveway at 6:50 Wednesday morning.  The pictures are a little bit dark, but oh well!

He wasn't excited AT ALL (can you tell??? hahaha)

Can't believe the day is actually here!  So glad that I get to take this sweet boy with me every morning :)

I was going to take a picture of him in front of his classroom door, but he was ready to go in!
(P.S. - his class theme is "Live a Kingdom Life" and it's decorated like a castle. SO CUTE!

This is Luke with his teacher, Mrs. Clow:
Pre-K was released at 11:15 this week, and the Junior High was on an abbreviated schedule yesterday so I got to pick my little munchkin up.  They made crowns, colored, had a snack, recess, etc,. etc,. etc.

I mean really, if I have to send him to school every day, it doesn't get much better than sending him to the other end of the deck :)  He's become quite the little charmer with all the teachers... he pops in to see them in the morning to say hi and give hugs.

I was going to stay and work for the afternoon, (the whole school dismissed early yesterday) - so he got to hang out in my room with me.

He was FREEZING (yes, I like to keep it cold... when you stand in front of a smartboard all day it gets HOT!), I didn't have a blanket for him, so I wrapped him up in some extra fabric I had in my storage room.  He complained that it wasn't "comfy enough", so we made sure to bring him a blanket today. 
He looked oh so handsome in his brand new uniform, and we always joke that the amount of fun he had is proportional to how dirty he is... well, by the time we got home yesterday it was PRETTY evident that he had had a blast at school.  Muddy shorts, grassy shoes and yogurt ALL down his shirt. :)

It was so neat to walk him down the deck to his class and finally see our family's "plan" come to fruition.  Being a working mom has had it's challenging times, but we made a commitment to me keeping my job so that our kids could get a Private Christian Education (and I could teach where they attend).  Hearing Luke talk last night about how much fun he had and how he's going to "live a Kingdom life" reaffirmed our choice and made me super excited for the day that both my boys are sporting little crested polo shirts :)


  1. I just love this post. Love it. Such sweet pictures. So many wonderful memories will take place at MCA.

  2. I LOVE the chalkboard, and I LOVED this entire post. So sweet. Kinda got a lump in my throat!

  3. Awww, Andrea he's so adorable! I loved your post, and I'm so glad he's lovin' it! :)


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