Monday, January 16, 2012


Diana gave Luke an awesome boat for Christmas that came with a chomping shark. She got it pretty much just for the shark, because Luke says "GOMP" instead of chomp andI think she just wanted to hear him say "This shark is gomping you" a bunch of times :)
Not only does the shark GOMP, but if you look closely on it's belly you can see that it actually eats things and then the ship has a spot on it where when you catch the shark you can turn it upside down, "cut into it" and get whatever it swallowed out.

If something small at our house is missing (one of Mason's socks, a lego piece, my keys, etc.) chances are it's inside the shark's belly.
The shark doesn't just have an appetite for random household objects, but also fingers, hair and noses... Luke sure LOVES his gomping shark!!! Thanks, Diana!!! :)

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