Sunday, January 15, 2012

Best Toy EVER

Dave and I got Luke the Design and Drill set for Christmas and opened it for the first time yesterday. Luke played with it for about 2.5 hours STRAIGHT! BEST TOY EVER!
It's a battery powered drill, "peg board" and then design cards. He picks a card, makes the design with the screws and then gets to drill them all in to make a picture.
So proud of his first "patt-ren" as he calls it :)

(Please ignore the gross moss mound in the plant in the background, Mason has taken a liking to this plant and pulls it over EVERY chance he gets).
Luke played with it for another couple of hours today (YAY!) and made a house! I highly highly highly recommend this for any of y'all with kids over three... such a great find!

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