Monday, January 16, 2012

Breakfast with Woody and Jessie

Last weekend we went to "Breakfast with Woody and Jessie" at The Ranch Country Club and had THE BEST time! I was totally impressed with how great Woody and Jessie looked and they were both "in character" so well (Dave's in the picture because he works with both of them - hahaha) Woody "deputized" look and he thought it was just about the coolest thing EVER! (and Mason thought Jessie was pretty cool). hahaha There was a big pancake buffet, which of course, all three of my boys LOVED! Mason ate almost an entire pancake along with some sausage, fruit, etc.

OMG! How cute is this pic?!?!?!
Luke even got a Woody and Jessie coloring book and they came around and autographed it! They also had Toy Story 2 playing in the dining room which Luke thought was pretty AWESOME! We had an awesome time and can't wait until the next character breakfast!

(random sidenote: How much does Woody look like John Krasinski - Jim from The Office - crazy, right?!?!?!)

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