Sunday, January 15, 2012

Where I Spend My Days

I've shared about my classroom before, but considering the fact that I can't find the post, I'm going to assume that it was a while ago. I spend the majority of my time in my classroom and so I like it to feel "homey" and comfortable. Last school year I got a SmartBoard (which is about to be wall mounted) and over break one of my whiteboards was removed (since I wasn't really using it due to the SmartBoard) and so I decided to do some rearranging. This view is standing in the doorway looking in. On the wall straight ahead used to be a whiteboard that stretched from window to window. Now that that's gone I went out and got two bookcases and moved a table in between them. The bulletin board was a concession for giving up my whiteboard (hahaha) and still needs to be mounted to the wall (and then decorated) :)
Still one of my very favorite quotes...
The way my schedule works this year I teach all of my classes in the morning (back-to-back the fisrt 5 periods of the day) and allof my planning is in the afternoon. I LOVE it, but it requires me to be super organized before the day starts (no time for copying or even gathering my thoughts between classes) so I emptied out 5 of my drawers and labeled them for each day of the week. Now when I make my copies I put them in their specific class folder for that particular day. I also put any manipulatives, candy, etc. that I'm using in the drawer as well so that way in the morning everything that I need for the day is right there! (P.S. - that's all student artwork hanging on my cabinets... from coloring pages to class caricatures and ninja bunny rabbits to sweet doodled notes - love them!)
I made this back in the summer, but don't think I ever shared. I got the idea off of Pinterest, it's nine clipboards from WalMart (about $1 each) that I just mod-podged scrapbook paper onto. I hung them together and created kind of a clipboard bulletin board. I LOVE IT! I'm thinking about adding another column (or two!)
Last, I'm in the market for a cute little towel bar since one of my students picked this out for me and gave it to me for Christmas :) LOVE!

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  1. I love your classroom! So cute and comfy :)


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