Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Water Baby

Sunday noght we headed to the pool at Stonebridge with my parents and brother to eat and swim. Dave put goggles on Luke and told him he could see underwater... Luke must have thought he meant breathe as well because he immediatley stuck his face under and sucked in a huge amount of water...

Gibi and Uncle Mark (who started a new job yesterday - congratulations!!!)

Dave and Mason

Me and Dave

Luke insists on wearing his crocs in the pool because the bottoms of his toes have been getting torn up from rubbing on the bottom of the kiddie pool... Mason had been outside with us the whole time so I decided to put him in (regular diaper and all) to cool off...

He was a little water baby!

All the boys:

Mason loves his bath, but I wasn't sure how he'd feel about the cooler water - he didn't seem to mind one bit:

Mason needed to eat, so Luke had Daddy and Uncle Mark all to himself:


Gibi and Mason:

8 weeks old:

Haha and Mason:


  1. Those are the BEST pictures of Mason!!! Each one is sooooo sweet!!! Too precious!


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