Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Go Mabs!

I am not a sports fan (shocker, I know), but I did know enough about what was going on with Basketball to pack Luke's Dallas Mavericks shorts when we went to the pool Sunday night. When we were packing our stuff up in the car Dave told Luke to "hike up his pants" and so he did... Then he started yelling "Go MABS!" and jumping around cheering :)

I could only think of three things while this was happening...

1) Steve Urkel

2) How great these pictures are going to be when he's a teenager

3) trying not to pee on myself I was laughing so hard :)

We got all packed up and then Haha and Uncle Mark came over to watch the game. The boys watched the game, I drooled over Mark's new iPad and Mason caused trouble as always (see picture below) :)

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