Thursday, June 16, 2011

Saturday Morning

This past Saturday morning Luke and I built "the BEST Thomas track EVER!" (he's highly complimentary)
This "pose" is how you'll find Luke playing almost 90% of the time - even when he has his cars at Target or Market Street... this is how he wants to play
I was folding laundry and Mason was in the Bumbo - apparently having a hard time focusing on his hands :)
Believe it or not Mason is already outgrowing some of his clothes (sob! sob!) and so I was in his room sorting through onesies and pulling out some bigger sizes and Luke decided it was time to "teach Mason about Cars"...

This may be my new favorite picture - I LOVE how Mason is looking right at Luke. Luke is by FAR his favorite person and anytime Luke starts talking Mason starts craning his neck to see where he is... so cute!

LOVE that they're "playing together" - I can't wait until I can hear them both giggling and laughing together. :)

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