Monday, January 31, 2011

28 Weeks

I was 28 weeks on Sunday and I thought that this would be an appropriate time to post my very first belly picture! :) For comparison, this was me with Luke at 26 weeks...
Pregnancy is treating me well so far - Luke TOTALLY gets the "baby in mommy's belly" concept and he likes to show Mason his cars and sing his ABCs to him (all through my belly button). I was going to do that "list" thing that alot of prego ladies do every week (weight gain/cravings/etc), but since I haven't looked at the scale since finding out I was pregnant and my cravings are all pretty much the same all the time (meat, cheese, eggs and carbs) I think it may get a little bit repetitive. I remember Luke being more "active" at night, but this little guy has a party in my belly every night around 9:30. It's when I'm finally still and my food has all settled that it's time to rock and roll. He's kicking and rolling and punching and stretching A TON! Tomorrow is my glucose testing - wish me luck! Although most of what I crave is protein, I don't think I could live without my frosted flakes or Ben and Jerry's Mint Chocolate Chunk ice cream, so I'm crossing my fingers for a good result!

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