Monday, January 31, 2011

Anything for my students...

I absolutely ADORE my students and will do just about anything for my them (or use as incentive for them to do their homework. hehehe). I've planned and chaperoned countless dances and events, held pj parties at my house, volunteered at a donkey rescue farm, participated in staff vs students sporting events, been "parodied" in skits, rapped (yes, I said rapped) to get them to memorize formulas or other information, AND dressed up for every spirit day for the last 5 years. That said, as I was attempting to pull together an outfit for "ancient civilizations day" at 5:30 this morning, I almost couldn't do it. That's until I thought of their disappointed little faces (disappointed at not seeing their favorite math teacher look like a fool) and decided to bust out my leopard leggings, brown tunic, fur vest, dinosaur necklace, pebbles hair and giant shell earrings and be a cavewoman. UGH!
Dave was still asleep as I was about to head out and I think he about peed his pants when he saw me leaving - he INSISTED on snapping a picture (while lying in bed) which is why this is such a flattering camera angle (hello, double chin) and lighting and why I look so happy (that was all sarcasm in case you couldn't tell).
When I got to school the kids were all dressed in their ancient gear and I was glad that I sucked it up and participated
Several things about the picture below...
1) Yes, that's me in the back and yes, I realize that I blend in with my 12 year old 7th graders
2) I don't know why one kid is dressed as a ninja or why he's pretending to slit the other kids throat
3) The kid in the bottom row in our MCA rugby shirt, has a nametag on that says "I'm from an ancient civilization" - how creative :)
This super sweet student spend ALL weekend making his own suit of armor (which you can't really see), complete with GIANT shield - too bad I can't get him to spend that much time doing his homework :)
This adorable girl has a sister named Madigan - how cute is that?!?!?! Tomorrow is "Medieval day" and I'm brainstorming how I can somehow incorporate a red fleece bathrobe and pj pants into my costume. :)

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