Sunday, January 30, 2011

"Look Mommy, I Scoot!!!"

Lilly gave Luke an awesome scooter for Christmas and we decided to wait until the Christmas craziness died down a little before having Haha put it together for him. Since then he's been "scootin'" non-stop! On this particular morning he was scooting in his pjs, bumble bee rain boots and no underwear. Yes, people - my son has an affinity for "goin' commando" (or as he says it pimando")
He's gotten better since these pictures were taken, but he was having a hard time standing up straight and scooting at the same time... he's use his foot to push off and then just leave it planted on the floor...
The problem with commando scootering when you are built like your daddy (without a hiney to speak of) is that sometimes your pants can become a little bit droopy...
... and you end up looking like a plumber :) Luke's scootering skills have improved greatly and he's now zipping around all over the place no problem. We can't wait until warmer weather is here (to stay) and we can get outside and scoot to our hearts content (with underwear on of course!)

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