Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Journey 2010

The last time I attended our Church's Christmas Journey I was pregnant with Luke and Dave and I had hot chocolate and got to quietly enjoy the event. This year was a little different. :)
Erika was sweet enough to have a bunch of us over to her house for dinner (she made AWESOME soup for the mommies and chicken nuggets for the kiddos) and playtime and then we loaded up to drive through the Journey. All the kiddos on the couch (in their PJs of course!
Jaxson, Molly, Kensington, Smith, Luke, Ebby Lee and Nixon

Luke got super excited and decided it would be a great time for a hug :)
The couch cleared off pretty quick, but poor helpless Smith was left for a BIG Luke hug :)
As you can see from his sweet toothy grin (and grip on Luke's hair) - I think he really hated it :)
Luke and Kensington watching a movie while we waited to get into Christmas Journey (this lasted all of 3 minutes for Luke... at which point he wanted to sit on my lap and continuously ask "where's Mary???") Shay and I managed to somehow miss the audio CD pick-up station, but we managed to narrate the Christmas story for our kids (and intersperse it with conversation ranging from engagement rings to reality TV to adoption). It definitely wasn't as peaceful as my last trip to Christmas Journey, but was equally memorable and enjoyable :)

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  1. We had so much fun! I think we should make it an annual tradition. However next year, let's get sitters, run by Starbucks and really enjoy the show :).


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