Monday, December 20, 2010

My Boys

It's official, people, Mason McAnally is going to be Mason WEST McAnally - it's a BOY! We've known since about 17 weeks (mid-November), but it was confirmed at another ultrasound last month (at 20 weeks). And boy... was it ever confirmed... If you're like me and can't recognize anything in ultrasounds other than a profile shot or a leg (Me: "Awwww... is that his little face???" Ultrasound Tech: "No, that's actually his kidney"), then in the picture above just picture the little man sitting on a glass topped table :) hahaha
That should clear it right up for ya!
Mason looked great in both of the ultrasounds... perfectly healthy and very "chilled out". He was stretched out in both of the ultrasounds that we've had - although I'm not sure how much longer there's going to be room for him to stretch out in there. I'm interested to see if he's long like Luke was (21"). I'm actually more excited to see what he looks like this time because I have Luke to compare him to... will he have hair? Will they be about the same size? Will he look like Luke? I think from the profile picture below that he kind of has Luke's profile...
My other two boys are pretty stinkin' cute themselves :)

I wasn't feelin' too hot this morning (sore throat, major congestion, etc.), but they decided to head out to Uncle Matthew's church for their Christmas program on their own.
Strange to think that this time next year I'll have THREE boys in little sweaters and Sperrys :) We could not be more excited to welcome Mason West in April!
On a side note (becuase I don't want to forget) - When we went to my 17-week ultrasound and Gibi, Haha, Luke and Dave were all there and we found out that Mason was a boy, we asked him if he was excited to have a baby brother. His first reaction???? "Luke no want to share his cars with Mason". hahaha :) A sign of things to come? Hopefully not - I think that they'll be best buds and love playing together ALL of the time. hehehe

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