Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mason Update

Finding out I was pregnant during my first week back at school was so much fun - but since the first few weeks are always sooooooooo crazy it was hard to find the time to post all of the details. Now, I find myself here nine weeks later realizing that the only time I've even mentioned the pregnancy on my blog was here... in a super short announcement post :)
Now that it's the second quarter of school, I'm settled back into my routine and I have a little bit more time on my hands here are all the details:
I'm due on April 24, 2011. Sounds really far away, right?!?! April 24th happens to be my dad's birthday (my mom's is on April 25th) and it also happens to be Easter this year.
We're completely settled on a name either way... Mason Joy if it's a girl and Mason West if it's a boy. Right now my next ultrasound is scheduled for November 15th and hopefully Mason will be cooperative then and let us know whether we should start buying pink or blue.
I'm about 12 and a half weeks along right now. We had an appointment earlier this week where we got to hear the heartbeat for the first time and it was a steady 171 beats per minute. I have absolutely NO CLUE what Luke's were - so I now have nothing to compare this little Peanut's heartbeat to. Oh well - as long as it's healthy and strong!
I've been exhausted for the last 8 weeks, but other than that have been feeling great. Occasionally I would have to eat a saltine or two before getting out of bed, but it wasn't anything that stopped me from consuming cereal and two pieces of toast before I headed out the door :) I've also been STARVING 100% of the time - meats, salty foods, pasta and pizza. hahaha!
I had my first ultrasound about a month ago and here's our first shot of Mason: This time around is soooooooooo much different than it was with Luke. With Luke I felt I was consumed with "baby thoughts"... "what are we going to do with the nursery", "what kind of stroller are we going to buy", etc., etc,. etc. and now there's just not a whole lot of time to sit around and think about all of those things :) We're definitely less nervous and more excited this time around, not only can we not wait to meet Mason but we can't wait for Luke to meet him/her either!
I promise I'll be better about posting updates as things progress!


  1. YEA!! Finally a post about Mason. So excited to be pregers with you. More importantly, I'm glad you eat like me! :)

  2. April 24 is a great due date! That is Molly's birthday! :)


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