Sunday, October 17, 2010

Harvest Party 2010

Every year The Cox's host our Sunday School's Harvest Party and every year it gets bigger, younger and way more fun... well, fun in a different way. Not fun in a sitting around the fire eating s'mores and talking with friends until late kind of way, but fun in a chasing your kids around making sure that they don't fall in the fire pit kind of way :) I can't get over how many kids (and cute costumes!) there were - hard to wrangle them all for a picture, though :)
Luke didn't want to wear his costume, but once we got there he completely forgot that he was dressed up as a monkey :)

Me and my little monkey enjoying a s'more (actually, Luke enjoyed the smore components seperately - he wanted nothing to do with them all mushed together)

The best group picture I managed to get:


  1. Aw Andrea - you should print the group picture for the board in BFG - not bad at all! :)

  2. Good pics Andrea!! You did a great job at capturing the night. My battery I'm gonna blog steal a few!


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