Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Arboretum - Part I

I have WAY too many pictures from our trip to the Arboretum on Saturday morning, so I decided to split it into two HUGE posts :)
The look in the picture below is pretty typical of what we got all day. hahaha Everytime we'd pull out the camera he'd stick his tongue into his lower lip and make this strange face...
Checking out all the cool pumpkins:

Looking at the fish...
"I following the path, Mommy!" He loved the arboretum simply because of all the pathways and freedom to run! He got a huge kick out of running along the mulchy paths...
There was also a lot of pointing going on...
Posing by the BIG "punkins"
"Luke loves pun-kins"

RUNNING! I know that the picture is blurry, but it kind of sums up most of what he did the entire morning :)
We came across this big bowl of little white pumpkins...
... and my little engineer would have spend all morning "linin' them up" if we had let him :)

After lining up and then putting away all of the little white pumpkins, we headed over the the pumpkin village:

Not a great picture, but a great example of his "cheese" face that we saw a lot of!
"Blue Steel"

Just in case you didn't see enough pictures of Luke with pumpkins, be sure to check back for The Arboretum Part II :)

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