Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jamcia - Day 5 (Thursday)

Thursday was our last day of mission work and we headed back up the mountain to a primary school for kids ages 4 - 8. We were told that the school had about 80 kids enrolled, but since school attendance isn't mandatory in Jamaica, that on an average day they had about 30 kids. As word spread throughout the morning that we were there, kids came POURING in! By the time we left there were well over 70 kids crammed into the school. :)

There was one little boy who had a cut on his elbow, so Cheryl gave him a bandaid. The little guy in the picture below didn't have a cut, but just wanted a band-aid and so Cheryl stuck one on his hand. It must have fallen off of his hand, though, becuase during their opening circle time we looked over and he had stuck it on his head!

Prayer time - soooooooooooo cute!
We did the "Allelu" song/game with them...
After circle time, we passed out new crayons and coloring pages:
I will NEVER again look at my big, glossy 200 page math manipulatives catalog the same... this box of old, grimey soda caps is what they use to practice math!
We brought a bunch of new outdoor toys, so after coloring we took all the kids outside. The picture below is an example of how they use shipping containers as buildings... The church is the building at the front, and the school is the two-story part at the back.

Tom was a parent chaperone who went with us:
I was taking pictures and I felt someone tugging on my shorts asking me to take his picutre and when I look down it's this little guy...... I had cheetoh fingerprints ALL over me :) hahaha

Ryan was helping the kids with their new croquet set:
LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE this picture and I'm not sure why. It was completely unposed and I think it's absolutely precious. :)
Apparently they loved the giant soccer ball we brought...
Melt my heart...
After we had almost died from heat exhaustion running around outside, we brought the kids inside and a few of the students showed them how to make balloon animals... ... and then gave every kid one!
We took a break for lunch and got a chance to eat with the kids (for a lot of kids this is the only meal they get the entire day). This little man had JUST turned four and had already learned an ingenious way to make it down the two flights of stairs to return his lunch plates and utensils:
After lunch we did a couple of games, passed out supply packets and beanie babies and said exhausted goodbyes to the PACKED class :) We drove back into Montego Bay and hit up the craft market:
Group shot outside of the craft market: That night, Jim and Cheryl took all of us out to dinner at a restaurant that served both American and Jamaican fare. I stuck with a trusty club sandwich, but the boys were much more adventurous... trying out spicy jerk chicken, ox tail and curried goat (EWWWWW!)
Later that night they treated us to some intense karaoke :)

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