Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Monkey

The first thing Luke did this morning when he woke up was point to the window in his room and start screeching :) I opened the blinds and he started jumping up and down in his crib... ... he kept pointing to the snow and smiling...

... and squealing...
... and telling me very "big" stories all about the snow (complete with hand gestures, just like his mommy talks!)
Dave was outside attempting to shake some of the snow out of a couple of our big trees out front (the branches were almost touching the ground because they were so heavy) and so Luke and I ran outside, snapped a picture and then ran back inside to get warm and eat some breakfast. Here's a quick picture of our patio table out back so that you can get an idea of how much show we had:
None of us really have any snow-appropriate clothing, so we layered up and then headed out into the snow. Luke had on his pjs, a pair of wind pants, rain boots, his michelin man coat, mittens that we couldn't ever really get on correctly and his favorite hat that Gibi knit for him. I had on leggings, pj pants, big giant rain boots, multiple hoodie sweatshirts and a hat that Gibi knit for me as well :)
Luke took a running start toward the snow and immediatley bit it:
He then became very concerned with getting all of the snow off of his mittens:
We decided to head to the sidewalk where the snow wasn't as deep...
... and then Luke made a beeline for Gibi and Grandpa's house!
I tried to get him to pose by the garden, but he was having none of it. Then he had on too many clothes and couldn't get himself up :)

Daddy made him a snowball and I finally got him to look at me!

Taste testing the snowball:
Smooshing the snow into his face:
We headed back over to the side yard and he immediatley got stuck - and was NOT happy about it :)

Daddy came to the rescue!

I wanted to try and get a picture of Luke and I, but he wanted nothing to do with it! He wanted to be on the go!!!

Luke and I decided to kick some of the snow off of the super saggy bushes - seriously... why have I never taken up martial arts?!?!?! I think that this picture proves I have a natural ability for it :) hahaha
Admiring our work:
Luke wanted to water the plants, but he couldn't hold the can and walk through the snow at the same time:
Eating snow off of my sleeve:

I'm not sure when (if ever!) we'll have this much snow again and I am super glad that we got to enjoy it as a family - even if it was brief and we were dressed completely mismatched :)

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