Friday, February 12, 2010


I got an iPhone at the beginning of January and honestly, this is only the 2nd time I've "synced" (what would be the past tense of sync...sunc?!? synced?!?!) it and therefore the only time I've gotten the pictures from my phone onto my computer. I'm sure you're all super thankful about this, otherwise you would have missed all of these low-quality, fascinating pictures of life with the McAnally family when I don't have my big camera around :)
Like this one of Dave and Luke in the handicapped cart at WalMart... my mom was at WalMart with us and she got this cart that had a GIANT two-person chair at the front. OOOPS! Dave enjoyed the ride, though :) My sweet man all bundled up and heading out:
Or how about this one of two of my 7th graders when they turned my super gaudy disco ball-esque dollar store Christmas ornaments into earrings (they were helping me take down my classroom tree after Christmas break)
Marshmallow Man Coat:
I had to share the best sale ever at Old Navy with the world. 10 tank tops - $5.00. Greatness!
Sweet boys... On our way home from the Ft. Worth Zoo we passed a roadside stand selling a fake indian.

Luke takes after his mommy:
He also takes after his mommy with a love for Algebra:
Talking on his cell phone after a nap:
Super-safe lunchtime game during Wild Week... lets see how many people we can pile on top of a really big guy and have him walk across the gym!
This is a picture of those wierd art thingies at Stacy and 75. Mom and I were shopping and we noticed that there are dates on all of them and we were talking about how they all must be significant somehow... then we saw this one and it said December 23, 1986. That's Mark's birthday and I know a few people who think that was a significant day :)
A particularly swoopy hairday while looking at the fish:
Wow! Aren't you glad I finally "synced" my iPhone?!?!?! Your day wouldn't have been the same without seeing my completely random pictures from the last month :)

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  1. We knew it! Thanks for coming out of the closet, with the revelation of your new phone. Isn't the iPhone amazing!!! Keep the pictures coming.


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