Monday, September 7, 2009

Subtle Hint

So I've decided to start dropping a few subtle hints around my house, letting mother nature know that anytime she's ready, she can go ahead and bring on the cool fall weather.
Feeling inspired by my super old and super bare grapevine wreath I picked up at a Trade Days about 3 years ago, mom and I packed up and headed to Hobby Lobby (sans Luke - can I just tell you how much I LOVED having a chance to browse! I mean, obviously I love having him with me, but there's something to be said for having the luxury of humming and hawing over ribbon colors and not just throwing something that looks okay into the basket because your child is scattering goldfish all over the floor of the store). I love everything "Fall" related and it took a good portion of my will power to not put one of everything into my cart, but after a "less is more" reminder from my mom I picked up a bunch of stuff for the wreath anyway :)
I couldn't wait to put it all together when I got home and I was uber-pleased with the result: If this doesn't inspire cooler weather, I'm not really sure what will!

Upon the completion of my wreath, I debated the practicality of putting out my Halloween decor in early September and after about 2 and a half seconds, dumped it all out on the counter.
This is my first year to decorate specifically for Halloween and my collection of decor is kind of limited, so I decided to keep it all on my kitchen bay window area (for now)
I had some cute black and white damask scrapbook paper (which I also used to make the jack-o-lantern face on the candle in the pic above), some leftover orange vellum and some fuzzy felt stickers and I put this little frame together: I'm not sure if I'm 100% in love, but it'll do for now.

The Halloween tree I picked up at Tuesday Morning last May (ha!) and I found the crows at the Dollar Tree and added them as well. The Haunted House is also a Tuesday Morning mega-clearance find and it had these really ugly vellum backs with the grim reaper and stuff on them so I ripped 'em off and replaced them with plain orange vellum scrapbook paper. Because I have it in the window the light shines through and it looks pretty cool.
Here's my mid-afternoon mess:
The updated mantle... fall leaves, a blessings sign and a couple of pumpkins:
I picked up this adorable "blessings" sign at 1001 Bargains and although it's kind of Thanksgivingey (okay, I'll stop denying it - it's a Thanksgiving decoration) I decided to go ahead and put it out:

I switched out some of the decor on my kitchen table tray to make it a little more festive as well:
So here's the deal with my Jesus tile... I collect Sid Dickens memory blocks and this one was part of MCA's auction last spring. I'm not a huge fan of the tile (I'm a fan of Jesus... just not having gratuitous pictures of him displayed on my kitchen table), but it was for a good cause and the colors work - plus it's Jesus... enough said. :)

Sideboard in the kitchen...

Kitchen sideboard again:

Anyway, I hope that not only is mother nature in a fall mood now, but that you are as well. Now at least when I come home from work all hot and sweaty and irritated (because it's nice to live super close to work, but it doesn't give your car nearly enough time to cool down after it's been sitting all day - UGH!) I'll at least feel like it's fall inside. :)
**Completely random sidenote** I just spellchecked this post before publishing it and I only had two spelling errors (other than Thanksgivingey)... I mispelt because TWICE! What's up with that?!?!?!

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