Tuesday, September 8, 2009


So on Sunday my life changed for the better - we visited Yogurtville for the first time and I am hooked. I'm not one for mixing frozen yogurt flavors (I'm not really one for mixing any of my food), but the Peppermint Patty yogurt I had topped off with oreos, dark chocolate chips, butter finger pieces, chocolate covered raisins and other miscellaneous chocolate items was the best thing I've tasted for a while. We took Gibi and Grandpa with us and right before we got in the car I snapped this cute pic of Luke and his grandparents: Before we left I snapped a couple pics of Luke sitting at the table. He's been cracking us up lately with how fast his moods can change. One minute he's happy and giggly, and then something doesn't "suit his fancy" and he throws himself into full-on whiney mode... then about 3 seconds after that something distracts him and he's happy again. Oh, the life of a 17-month old :)

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  1. Good grief! What else could possibly go into that yogurt? That sounds soooooo good!


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