Saturday, September 5, 2009

Friday Night Lights

Last Friday night was MCA's first home varsity football game and so Luke, Grandpa and I packed up and headed out to watch (well, first we went to McDonalds to eat ice cream and french fries and THEN we went to watch).

Here's Luke at McDonalds - I've mentioned before that he's nosey...
Luke and Grandpa playing with their food:
MCA has a football field, but we don't have stadium lights (yet) so this particular game was at the practice field at MHS. I pretty much followed Luke back and forth across the front of the bleachers for the better part of the first half. He'd stop to hold on to the chain link fence and jump, touch the trash cans or lick the bleachers - but other than that he was on the go the entire time.

After an exhausting couple of quarters, we went and sat with Grandpa in the bleachers where Luke was still for about a minute and a half while reading a book with Grandpa (I try to keep a board book in my purse at all times for situations such as this):
Luke WAS highly interested in what was going on on the field (and the sidelines, I mean come on, the cheerleaders had GOLD pom poms), but he was interested while running. ha!
We headed out after the first half and I think it took us about 25 minutes to walk to our car. The cheerleaders had lined the sidewalk with these little mustangs on sticks and Luke had to touch EVERY SINGLE ONE and then look up at Grandpa or I and say "dah!" before he'd move on to the next one:
I know that this one is dark, but I thought it was cute... Luke and Grandpa seemed to be playing some version of "follow the leader":

Luke is very into going under things right now and sometimes he gets the whole "ducking" concept...
But other times he'd rather crawl:
He was pretty proud of himself after going under the first time:
He decided to crawl under again, but this time he started about 4 feet too early and scraped up his knees: Playing follow the leader again with Grandpa:

Thank goodness that this week's game is away because I'm still wiped out from last week :) We'll definitley be making more appearances at other games this season - and maybe I'll get a picture of him actually watching the game. Unlikely - but maybe. :)

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  1. How FUN! Can he get any cuter in those big boy tennis shoes?!


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