Friday, July 10, 2009

It's a miracle... wait... it's steroids

Why am I blogging at after 12:30 in the morning?!?!?! Steroids, my friends! After battling a brutal sinus infection (with accompanying low grade fever, really stuffy nose and general feeling that my face was going to explode from the pressure) for 12 days I finally got my miracle cure - a steroid shot! I typically only visit the doctor once a year for a sinus issue in the winter, and after a couple of "mishaps" with my regular family doctor, the last year or so I've been visiting various E-Cares, Primacares, etc. The only problem with this is that you see a different person every time and every time I went I was prescribed the same medication that didn't work. So today I went to an actually doctor's office and was pleasantly surprised when the nurse practitioner took a completely different route, gave me a steroid shot, an over the counter recommendation and a new antibiotic prescription. I feel like a new person! I literally have not been able to function since Tuesday and am eternally grateful to my new drug regime :)
Anyway, one of the side effects of the steroid shot can be increased energy and an inability to sleep for the first day or so, and after I took an hour and a half nap this afternoon I thought I had that one beat, but since it's about 3 hours past my regular bedtime and my lazy eye hasn't kicked in like it normally does when I'm overtired I think that ya'll might be in for a few posts tonight.
This post is dedicated to the some complete randomness from last week and the joy that is steroids, so here it goes.
As I'm sure I've complained about before, one of the things we loved most about our house before we purchased it was the size of the yard. It wasn't until we moved in and have since spent countless hours working in the yard and garden that we realized how much work it was going to be to keep up. The first owner of our house was apparently a gardening genius and our house received "yard of the month" repeatedly, but the people we bought it from didn't have the greenest of thumbs. But I guess it wasn't too bad because we have been pleasantly surprised this spring and summer as new blooms have popped up all over. Here's a picture of the corner in full bloom last week: There are TONS of yellow lilies that were out earlier and some gorgeous lavender irises as well. The big white hibiscus flowers I almost inadvertently dug up and the pink flowers behind them I initially thought were weeds. I'm learning :) I can take credit for the rocks edging the garden and a few of the plantings that you see.
Luke usually takes a bath in our guest bathroom, but last week I let him take our tub for a spin...
I think he liked it :) The only problem was that it's way deeper than his normal tub and there's not a great ledge, so I actually had to get in as well to help get him washed. He took that moment as an opportune time to kick his splashing into high gear:

Last week Luke also made his first trip to Ikea. This is pretty much what I saw the entire time:
He was a crazy man running around and laughing hysterically. The only thing that slowed him down was his urge to stop at every arrow painted on the floor and thoroughly examine it:

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