Friday, July 10, 2009

Fun on the Fourth

We started off July 4th with what else???A much needed haircut. Gibi was unavailable and the hair situation was getting pretty unruly, so I decided to give it a shot. Keep in mind, I've trimmed it up before (around the ears, etc.) but have never done a full-fledged cut. I set Mr. Man up in his high chair on the tile so he could watch Baby Einstein (duh!) and then draped him with a towel and let him hold a couple of combs underneath:
This is just what fell on the floor - not what was in the towel, highchair, etc., etc. Also, please remember that Luke had a haircut about 3 weeks ago (if that!) This child has a FULL HEAD of hair - blessing?!?! curse?!?! ha!

Finished product! Not bad for mom's first time:
After the haircut we both took a nap and then headed to the White's for dinner. Luke had lots of fun playing with Kinley and Kate and Dave and I got to enjoy some fantastic fajitas :)
When we got hom we wrapped up the day with a walk down to Gibi and Grandpa's house. Now that Luke's walking it takes a little bit longer than it would in the wagon. He has to stop and look at every rock, stick and cable box. *** Note: Dave wanted me to point out that all of the grass clippings in the above pictures are not from our yard, but actually our neighbors :) ha!

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