Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A boy after his mommy's heart...

Ya'll have seen my decorating style and know that there's nothing formal about it :), well I'm pretty much the same way in most things that I do - including my at-home-attire. ha! The minute I walk in the door I'm in comfy pj pants and I love nothing more than being covered up with a blanket. When Dave and I first started dating he thought this was wierd, but I have converted him to my ways and he's all about the blankets now as well. :) One day last week, he and I had been playing and I left to go grab something, and when I came back he had hauled himselft, his stacking cups, a book and a BLANKET up into the LoveSac.

I thought it was probably the most adorable thing EVER! It really sunk in that he is OUR child and will behave like us and have some of our same "quirks". No pressure or anything! ha!

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