Saturday, July 11, 2009

Luke 1.25

Luke had his 15 month check-up on Monday (he actually turned 15 months on the 1st) and here are a few pictures: I literally almost died when they had him STAND UP on the big scale to be weighed and then STAND UP against the wall to measure his height instead of laying in the little baby scale. I think it may officially be a turning point... he's really no longer a baby! (Please excuse me while I sob and cry like a baby - a baby that my son officially no longer is!) :)
Anyway, everything was great - height and weight are perfectly normal, development is normal, grabbing his private parts when he's getting changed is normal, and only saying "dah" (well, dah with several different inflections) is perfectly normal as well.
These weren't mentioned at the doctor's appointment, but I thought I'd walk through a typical 15-month day in the life of Luke for the official bloggy record:
(DISCLAIMER:I realize that this will interest almost no one other than my grandparents and myself in a couple of years, but oh well)
You typically wake up around 7:30 a.m. Since it's the summer and mommy's home, daddy will go get you out of your crib and you'll come snuggle in bed with us, watch Sesame Street and drink an 8 - 10 ounce bottle of milk (yes, I said bottle - you switched to milk just fine, but REFUSE to drink any good amount of anything out of a sippy cup - unless it's someone else's!)
After your bottle you and daddy go put the flag outside and then look at the bunny in the neighbor's garden (it's a fake resin bunny, and you're obsessed with it). Then we'll read books, try on shoes, build with blocks and just run around until about 9:00 when it's time for breakfast.
A typical breakfast for you usually means a piece of peanut butter toast, sliced strawberries and pears, cheerios and vanilla yogurt. YUM! You like to let Cadence lick the leftovers off of you :)
After breakfast we'll play a little bit more and then at 10:00 it's time for a nap. When we put you in for your nap you have your special blanket and stuffed elephant and you're allowed to have your paci. You have a sound machine that runs and we say the "Now I Lay Me..." prayer.
You usually sleep until 12:00 (or a little after) and I can tell you're up when I hear the jumping. You like to hang out in your crib for a while and then we walk together into the kitchen for lunch.
Lunch varies, but generally it looks something like peaches, sweet potatoes, pasta of some sort, chicken nuggets, dessert and a popsicle. Again, you like to let Cadence lick you all over when you're done, but HATE to have an adult wipe your face :)
After lunch we'll either run errands or you'll play - favorite activities right now include stacking blocks, looking at books, putting things inside other things to see what fits, trucks, walking around in the yellow rain boots, and taking everything out of the kitchen cabinets. Just this past week we've had to start some kind of tantrum control, as you're really starting to "test". Mainly you just want to play with the outlets and touch the buttons on the TV/DVD player/TiVO.
Around 2:15 we'll sit on the couch and watch a Baby Einstein DVD while you take another big bottle and then you'll play a little bit more before another nap at 3:00.
You'll sleep from 3:00 until a little after 5:00 and then it's time for dinner.
Dinner looks really similar to lunch, and other favorites include eggs with ketchup, turkey hot dogs and anything else that's messy.
After dinner it's straight to the bath tub (out of necessity!) and you can't wait to get in! You'll try to climb over the edge in your diaper and once you're in I think that you'd splash around in there for as long as we'd let you! We're having a little bit of an issue with you wanting to stand up in the tub, but we're hoping that phase will be over soon.
After bath it's time for pj's, more playing and another bottle. You've become really "snuggly" in the last couple of months and periodically while you're playing you'll come over and lay your head on one of our laps or want us to hold you just for a minute and then get right back to playing.
Bedtime right now is 7:30 and when we say "Are you ready to find your paci" you'll toddle on down the hall while waving bye-bye to whoever is here :)
Anwyay, that's a typical day in the life of 15-month old Luke and I wouldn't change it for anything! I know this has been the longest post ever, but he's changing so much and so quick that I want to make sure I have a way to remember just how he was at this age. I promise that these posts will be few and far between :)

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  1. Ohhhh! I love updates like that! Thank you! It's amazing how quickly they grow! I miss you girl! Hopefully one of these days, we'll both feel up to par.


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