Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Goodbye Forever, Safari Tan

Before I reveal the pictures of my newly painted family room, I think that I owe my bible study girls pictures of Luke's nursery from a few weeks ago :) I've finally hung the pictures and am liking how his room has come together in this house... I still think it was cuter in our old house (he had a valance up and some cute shelves, you can check it out here, as long as you ignore the picture of my HUGE belly at the beginning of the post. ha!)
The pictures are a little out of order, but hopefully you'll be able to get the idea. Here's his armoire, glider and changing table:
This is the view from the doorway...

The crib - please note that we had to remove his bumper MONTHS ago (he was burying his face in it at night and I was freaking out) and his crib is already in the lowest possible position due to his love of jumping in his bed :)
My mom made all the bedding (love it!) and so here's an idea of the fabrics (since the bumper and valence are gone)
I have absolutely loved this changing table thingie... I picked it up at Bombay Kids in Frisco when they were going out of business and it works perfectly on top of his dresser. The rubbed finish on it even matches!
His closet - one of my favorite little organizational tips that I got from my mom is to check out thrift stores and consignment shops for cheap furniture that you can put in your closets to help make the most of the space. I picked the white changing table in his closet up one day for $8.00 and it has been the best! At the time I had my VW beetle and couldn't fit it in the back, and this couple who spoke no Englisher could tell I was super frustrated in the parking lot and so they loaded it in their suburban and followed me to my house (Dave was kind of mad when I told him... he thought it was mildly dangerous... but I wasn't about to leave without the changing table! ha!)
This is standing in his room looking out. The door on the right leads into our office which has french doors into our bedroom.
Again standing in his bedroom and looking straight down the hall into the family room: Now onto my giant summer project - painting! Our family room, dining room, main hallway and laundry room were all painted a lovely shade of "desert tan" which in itself doesn't sound too bad, but all I could see when I looked at it was pink (check it out here). So 5 gallons of Behr Bronze Green later and we have this!

I think that it's way more "me"

I took this picture because 1) it shows the color really well and 2) it shows how insanely textured our walls are! One of the things I loved about the house was the plastered walls, but what I didn't anticipate was what a pain it was going to be to paint... I had to go in and do a lot of brushwork and it really sucked in the paint.
I couldn't stop with the family room, so I continued the color down the main hall (don't worry - that mirror will eventually be hung)
and into the laundry room as well (which I posted about yesterday). Thank goodness I can check that monster of a task off my to-do-list. Now, onto the kitchen, eating area, guest bath, master bedroom and office! ha!

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