Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday = FUNday

Since Dave works in the "service industry" his weekends are typically Sunday and Monday and during the summer we really enjoy getting to spend Mondays as a family (without all the typical Sunday activity). Today I had to get a bunch of stuff at Wal-Mart and Luke and Dave came along - we stopped and got ice cream at McDonalds first and here's a picture of Luke saying his blessing (he puts his hands together to say it anytime he's in a highchair! So cute!) There was a little girl a few tables over and Luke spent the entire time ignoring the ice cream and staring at her:
Here's a few pictures of Luke playing with his puppy ball in the car on the way home. He has been rear-facing until this past Saturday and it's a whole new world for both of us :)
When we got home we were playing before he was going to go down for a nap and he accidentally sat in his drum - he looks pitiful, but I think he was more scared than hurt :) ha!
I got busy finishing up the laundry room. I painted it the same color as our living room and hall (I just realized I haven't posted pics of that project yet, maybe tomorrow) and am LOVING it so far!
Then I went through Luke's closet and dresser and pulled out two boxes full of clothes that he's already outgrown. I'm about to show ya'll something that I'm kind of embarrassed about... do ya'll keep your kids clothes in case you have another one of the same gender??? I've just been boxing Luke's stuff up and putting it out in the garage... ...and here's what we have from my maternity clothes up until now...
Is this abnormal??? Weird??? Something I should be concerned about??? (the boxes and boxes and boxes of clothing and toys - not the messy garage)

Anyway, when Luke went down for his nap and Dave was "resting" (aka watching TV with his eyes closed) I got my glue gun out and started gettin' crafty :) (Cadence was resting as well - in an obviously well-selected sunny spot in the kitchen).

I told ya'll about The Shabby Nest the other day, and ever since I found her site and saw her post about creating a moss ball I got super excited. So I took the seemingly random three items below:

And turned them into this:

The urn thingie I picked up at a thrift store for $1.90, the ball belonged to Luke and the moss is from WalMart for $1.88. Not too bad for under $5! I also made some smaller versions (out of golf balls), but will wait to show those to ya'll until I find the perfect container.
Next, I printed out these cute vintage bird prints (my computer has been saying it's out of ink for the last 6 weeks, but miraculously it managed to print for me today! YAY!) and replaced my floral prints (that I got out of a calendar at Hobby Lobby). I think it's a little more subtle and I really like them. I'm starting to paint the kitchen and I think they'll look really good after the walls are gold
During my craft-a-palooza I was inspired to digitally scrapbook a little sign for my basket in my laundry room (I'm not really sure what came over me)
After dinner Gibi headed over and gave Luke a haircut while he sat in his wagon... classy, I know :) He has to get his haircut at least once a month or else it gets absolutely out of control. It's super thick and starts looking scraggly really easily - lucky for us Gibi is awesome at cutting his hair!

We were so anxious to get the hair cutting started that I didn't even wipe his face after dinner... ooops!

Almost done:
After the haircut it was straight to the tub, where Luke got to practice his newest trick - laying on his back all by himself... ... and then flipping over to his tummy

Can someone please tell me when my baby got big enough to wear Buzz Lightyear pajamas and brush his teeth before bed?!?!?! (please excuse the fact that by 7:00 I was already in my pajamas... and that they were covered in crushed up cookies)

After bath and teeth brushing, it was time for some books and a bottle before bed.
Since Luke has been in bed I've done some laundry, made and ate beef enchiladas, watered my plants and watched the Bachelorette! It was a super busy, but really fun day! :)


  1. I don't think you are crazy for keeping all of Luke's clothes, because I did the same thing for Kate and it all came in handy this week!


  2. you are super mom....seriously! I don't think anyone else can get so much done in one day! :)


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