Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Today we met up with our Bible study girls and all their many kiddos at a pool in Plano for a fun afternoon. It's always great catching up and getting to see how big everyone's kids have gotten since the last time we saw them.
It never seems to matter how much food I bring for Luke - someone else's food always tastes better! :) ha! I know that Jeni told me not to worry about Luke "sharing" Jackson's food, but I think that Jackson's face in the picture below says otherwise: Luke and Kensington:

Off to get in some trouble (actually he was probably either trying to touch the birds or grab a ball):
Pretty much my view of him the entire time:
So I stole this picture off of Shaeffer's blog because I didn't have my camera at the time - I'm not really sure what to say about it :) He was playing and then he was laying on the concrete. ha! The lifeguard kind of gave him a weird look and when I would ask him if he was taking a nap he'd give me this silly little smile... I guess this was some kind of game : ) He cracks me up!!!
After we left the pool we headed to my very favorite yarn shop in Plano (The Woolie Ewe) because I'm getting started on my scarves early this year as last year I ran out - and this was Luke passed out in the car about a minute and a half after leaving. WARNING! If you do not like gratuitous use of the word "poop", please don't read the following:
Thanks to all of my mom friends for listening to my tales of Luke's poop plight today and offering up all of your helpful advice (and watching him strain, do pushups and make his horrible poop face in the pool). I successfully used a suppository when we got home with almost immediate results, and then 2 more results later in the afternoon :) Then tonight he started having more "results" in the bathtub and so Dave picked him up (so he wasn't sitting in poop water) and he proceeded to pee all over Dave :) I know it's gross - but I'm keeping this blog kind of like a journal and this was just one of those moments that was too funny to not write down and remember. :)

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