Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day

This Father's Day, Luke and I had several surprises up our sleeves for Dave.
First, I took a bunch of pictures of Mr. Man in his "My Dad is my Hero" shirt wearing a new pair of shoes for Dave. Then I put together this collage for the front of his card: and on the inside there was a cute little poem about Daddy's leading their sons and I wrote something about how if he was going to be leading Luke, he needed some cute shoes to do it in (and the shoes we gave him were the shoes in the pictures).
Then, my Dad and I installed a flag pole bracket on Saturday night and when Dave first got up on Sunday morning Luke and I took him outside to see this:
He's always wanted an American flag for our house (and I'm really excited too, because some of my fondest memories from growing up were that my mom had all these cheesy flags for different holidays and seasons and Mark and I would get SOOOOOOOOOO excited to put them up... now I want to be the mom with the cheesy holiday flags. ha!)

Surprisingly I didn't take many pictures from the day - probably becuase there wasn't a whole lot going on. We ate pancakes before church (Luke rubbed a TON of syrup in his hair and ended up in the nursery smelling like a pancake), Grandpa and Gibi came over after church and we gave Grandpa his presents, Dave watched golf in the afternoon and then we grilled pork chops for dinner. Yum! I did manage though to snap this cute picture:

His snaggle tooth has really come in (ha!) and he's working on the other top teeth.

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