Monday, June 22, 2009

Tainted Past

On Friday, I bit the bullet and took Luke to the library. You might be asking yourself why I was so hesitant... well, it's because back in Junior High I checked out a bunch of books before a trip to Canada (probably a lot of and Lurlene McDaniel books... ha!). I'm not sure how, but some of those books never made it back to the library and others made it back VERY, VERY, VERY late, somewhere in the neighborhood of $60 late. So what did I do??? I didn't tell my parents, and the next time we went to the library I told my mom that I had forgotten my card and asked to borrow hers - then I proceeded to rack up about another $40 in fines. Ouch. When my mom unknowingly returned to the library to check out books (probably for a Bible Study she was leading or some other noble cause), the librarian proceeded to cut up her card and told her that she wasn't welcome back in the library until our "family's" fines were paid and after that she needed to think twice about bringing me. Ooops.
So anyway, 10 years, a new last name and 2 new addresses later, I figured that it might be safe to return to the McKinney Public Library. Thankfully my "record" wasn't even mentioned when I applied and received my card and Luke, Gibi and I headed to the children's section. I think that we have a better selection of board books at our house, but nonetheless, Luke enjoyed playing with the puzzles, running up and down the aisles and cautiously eyeing the older kids.
When we were done inside we headed out to look at the fountains and decided it would be cute to take Luke's picture with the statue sitting on the bench in front of the building - Luke proceeded to point out all the relevant body parts like eyes, ears, mouth and nose.
I'm not sure we'll be back to the library until he's old enough to not rip the pages out of non-board books, but at least I can sleep better at night knowing that my tainted library past is not going to impact my children :)

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