Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What Goes Around Comes Around

For years, my parents have told stories recalling my "strong-willed nature" as a child - including my love for running in the exact opposite direction that they were going (including an episode where I actually ran into a neighbor's house and hid underneath a bed... I was 3 and I thought it would be funny) and repeatedly telling them, "you're not the boss of me". When Luke was born my mom told me that "what goes around comes around" and that she anticipated Luke having a mind of his own and most definitley wanting to do things his way. And Lord, let me tell you, was she right! :) Luke has absolutely one of the sweetest, happiest, cuddliest little personalities ever, but when he has his mind set on something, he's going to do it.
My mom and I had to run an errand in Frisco on Saturday night and so we decided to head over to Stonebriar. After chowing down on some Chick-Fil-A, we let Luke loose and he was off! He's got the walking thing down pat and he had an absolute BLAST exlporing everything at the mall. He had to touch every trash can, hug every pole and walk the exact OPPOSITE way that I was walking. He is determined!

He's a total ham, and his other antics included taking the two halves of his cookie and placing them over his ears, then over his eyes, then on his head - he was loving that people were talking to him, smiling and laughing. Class clown, here we come.

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