Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Yes, people... this blog post is titled Grrrr because that's how I'm feeling - snarly and growly and ick. :) The real estate deal from "you know where" is still in the works and we are still not in our new house. And in fact, we're now not in any house... since we were assured that everything would close and be finalized on Monday we went ahead and had the movers come and pack us up yesterday morning (also, Dave and I were both still off work). So imagine our chagrin when we go to sign yesterday (at 5:00 p.m. mind you) and find out that our buyer's lender dated the papers for TODAY's date!!! So we headed over to Gibi and Grandpa's house and spent the night there last night. The moving truck with all of our possessions is parked out front of our new house and our old house is sitting empty (except for Cadence who has the whole place to herself). We're scheduled to go and sign today at noon, but at this point I'm a little bit jaded. :)

P.S. - to all of my faithful readers (ha!) we took Luke to Dallas World Aquarium on Sunday and as soon as we get our computer up and running (yup - it's sitting on the truck in front of our house) I'll be able to post the pictures - he had SO much fun (until he almost got his finger eaten by a horse... but that story will have to wait until the post)

P.P.S - My baby turns one tomorrow! Can ya'll believe it?!?!?! A whole year! I am not planning on wearing mascara tomorrow as inevitably it will be streaked all over my face :)

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