Saturday, March 28, 2009

Waiting Game

Well... the plan was that this weekend I was going to be up to my eyeballs in moving in and unpacking at the new house, but apparently plans change. There have been delays on top of delays with the buyer of our current house and without going into a lot of boring and confusing details the deal is still on and will close on Monday. We're hoping first thing on Monday morning we can close on our current house so that we can close on the new house and move in. So much for the four day weekend we planned on having to get moved in and semi-settled. In the meantime, we've gotten to spend the days we'd already taken off as a family and they've been a lot of fun.
Here's Luke with his bib/superhero cape reading with Daddy: More reading:

This morning I met my Student Government kids at the Heard where we painted faces for part of their "Take a Hike" event. Maybe it as the fact that it was 33 degrees outside when I got there, or that they put us in a little room in the basement because it was 33 degrees outside... but we ended up making about $18 profit. Not quite enough to help out with Prom, but a start, I guess :) The room that we were in though was close to the "reptile area" and the guy kept bringing out snakes, spiders and lizards for the kids to touch... it was gross.
Here's Taylor holding a tarantula :
I found these great face paint markers at Hobby Lobby that were a lot easier to use than traditional face paints - which was nice for situations where we had kids request things like a school of fish, a frog eating a fly or a light saber.
This little boy came in and demanded a full-face Spiderman. I had no idea what I was doing, but he seemed pretty happy (I wonder how happy his mom was at bath time tonight... hmmm)
One of my students holding a giant snake... keep in mind that I didn'g take this picture, there was NO WAY I would be that close! Cutest group of little girls ever
My sweet student government volunteers:

Before I headed over to the Heard this a.m. I hit up the Sweet Repeats consignment sale at Trinity Presbyterian. I picked up a few clothes, trucks and this toy that Luke is obsessed with:
With all the packing going on, we moved our couch up against the family room windows and Luke has really enjoyed talking to his reflection before he goes to bed :)
Yes, this is my almost-one-year-old who refuses to hold his own bottle. It's not that he can't - he'd just rather be playing with a toy or rubbing his hair.
(Check out his new pjs... after the toe incident of my previous post we headed out and picked up a few "footless" pairs at Old Navy)
Not only has Luke outgrown all his feety pjs, he's also outgrown the baby tub. This week he had his first "full tub" bath and he loved it! Much more room to play.

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