Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Edge of our seats

I'm writing this blog post from my parents computer. Why, you might ask? BECAUSE WE STILL HAVEN'T MOVED IN!!!!!!! If I've learned anything over the past week or so it's that plans change and that in our case, if it can go wrong it will :) We did sign all of our paperwork yesterday for the sale of our house, and then found out (after the movers were sitting in our new driveway waiting for Dave to get there with the key) that since our buyer's paperwork was drawn up after 12:00 on Monday that funding wasn't guaranteed until Wednesday and the Fed had decided that they'd loaned out enough money for the month of March and it would have to wait until April... which is today. So, we crashed at Gibi and Grandpa's house, and as loving and caring and sweet and hospitable as they are - it's just not the same as our own beds which Luke shared with us during his no afternoon nap yesterday and his 10:30 - 11:30 p.m. tantrum last night. We're all exhausted. I got up this morning and headed to the old house to let Cadence out and when I pulled in the driveway I realized that I had already turned my key in to the title company yesterday... so I turned around and went to MCA in my PJs (b/c all of our clothes are on the truck sitting in front of our house) in an attempt to get my lesson plans together for my sub today and ended up spending 45 minutes arguing with the copy machine. After unsuccessfully attempting to pull my jammed paper out with plastic cutlery and then devising a "fishing rod" type device with the Calculus teacher I gave up and headed to our old house to meet Dave and Luke (who were there with Cadence since Dave still had a key). Well - Cadence is apparently as anxious as the rest of us and had taken her anxiety out on our freshly cleaned carpets in the form of approximately 8 - 10 cow patty type presents in our living room and master bedroom. Lovely. My mom is over there now trying to get the stains out. More lovely.
Anyway, pray for my sanity and that we will get to move in today. GRRR! :)

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