Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Summer touches

 Happy Monday! Today I thought I'd share a look into what little touches I've changed out around the house for summer.  It all kind of started when I found this Uncle Sam planter at my local antique store...

... isn't he DARLING?!?! I loved that he was summery and patriotic without being red, white and blue.  (I found one on Poshmark HERE if you need one too) ;) 


One of the reasons I was so excited was because Dave gave me a GORGEOUS original painting last year and I immediately knew that I could lean into this aqua color and it would be so pretty with the painting.

I came across Japanese glass floats and fell in LOVE with the color and the story behind them.  I ordered them from the nicest gentleman who finds and collects them in Alaska and he even has a YouTube channel where he chronicles his trips to get them.  You can click HERE to visit his website ;)

Aren't they so pretty?!?!  They're various sizes, colors and opacity and I just love them.

I have them out on the coffee table in the larger of  this tray set...

... as well as in  this scalloped wood dish in the little niche.

Peep the dog beds ;) hahahaha

For over a year I've been thinking that I should go back and make photo books from family trips - and, honestly, the whole project just kind of got overwhelming so instead I ordered A TON of pictures from summers over the years and I LOVE them so much! I did this at Christmas as well and everyone loved flipping through them during the season and I can't wait to see this collection of pics and memories grow as well.  

I have them stacked in a vintage brass box I found at the antique mall.

It started off as just summer trip pics and I ended up printing a ton from just summers in general.  Swim lessons, days at home, pool evenings AND travel.  

The swan was a find last summer and it's still one of my favorite pieces EVER!

In the kitchen I added this cute vintage colander filled with lemons and some of  these lemon glasses...

On the kitchen table I added some cute green tinted glasses.

You KNOW I wasn't going to not to red white and blue ;). I added some of my mugs and dishes to the dining room...

... and this darling little vintage egg cup ;)

In the living room I added a few of my favorite red, white and blue pieces...

... and some shells that Griffin brought home from our trip to WA (tray / beads)

My kids think the pieces from Vintage by Crystal are SO WEIRD but they're some of my absolute favorites...

Is she for everyone?!?! No.  Is she for me?!?! Absolutely ;)

HAPPY Tuesday, friends!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing! Always love your seasonal decor!

  2. Love all the summer touches! I have some of the Japanese glass floats and never knew what they were....now I do. Thank you!!

  3. Where did you order prints in that format with the white space on the bottom?


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