Friday, May 3, 2024

Friday Favorites

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HAPPY FRIDAY, friends! My first FAVORITE is these two making a pit stop at a card shop...

... and then these fun friends!

Mason is a weirdo. Love it. hahaha

A FAVORITE scene from the week...

... and another.  If you need a new FAVORITE dessert check out the strawberry crisp  HERE.

A couple of FAVORITE memories popped up this week...

... this one makes me laugh so hard every time.

My FAVORITE little crew ;)

Mason had to create a children's book about the digestive system and it may be my FAVORITE school project he's ever made.

Frank got his tags!  These tags are our FAVORITE!

These two are my FAVORITE...

Luke had his band banquet this week.  Band kids are some of my FAVORITE kids ever!

Dance pics were Tuesday night and while this night is always super hectic it's a forever FAVE because I know one day she won't need me to do her lipstick and help her get her hair in a bun.

Y'all!  A FAVORITE moment from the week was my hydrangeas finally blooming.  They're tiny but I'll take it!

Compare that to the blooms from this one I found at Costco. hahahaha

Dave and I bought "lunch with your teachers" at the auction last week and G got to invite two friends and head to The Yard with their three 5th grade teachers.  BEST DAY EVER!!!  Trying to soak up every last little bit of elementary school!


More FAVORITE moments from the week included these girls helping film something at school...

... and Rosie and Frank.  Always.

HAPPY HAPPY Friday, friends!!!

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  1. Remember before kids when we had dogs and we obsessed over kids? And now we have kids and we're obsessed over our dogs? Past Shay and Andrea wouldn't have believed the people we've become.

  2. I think "The Adventures of Rosie and Frank" would make an excellent children's book! :)

  3. My hydrangeas often look more like yours than the ones in the store too! Sounds like everyone had a really wonderful week. I'm betting with dance pictures being this week the recital must be coming up soon!

  4. What a fun time the boys had and it looks like all the dogs are so happy together.
    Well done to Mason with the school project!

  5. This is my first time visiting and I added my link too. Your family is cute : ) My girls were dancers (they are grown now) and those were some fun years. Deer got to some of my hydrangeas this year. It was before they bloomed and the leaves have come back, so we'll see if we get flowers. Have a great weekend...thanks for hosting!


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