Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Luke's Cars Cars Birthday Dinner ;)

Luke turned 16 on Monday and I felt like it was only appropriate to celebrate with a "Cars cars" theme.  I've mentioned before that when Luke was little he called Disney cars "Cars cars" since they were cars from the movie Cars and he was OBSESSED!  When we were in Disneyland this past summer the look on his face when we walked into Cars land was priceless and since he'l be getting his license next week I felt like this was an extra fitting theme.

This wasn't for friends or anything - I'm not doing a Cars theme party for my 16-year old BUT is just some fun table decor that I do for dinner at home.

I ordered this cake topper and it was seriously incredible.

Yes... there are two different cakes.  I made a vanilla cake for Easter dinner and popped his topper on here and grabbed a couple of pictures ;) 

I had Mason pull all of our Cars Cars out of the Got Wheels bin and used them to decorate the table...

... and place settings ;)

The scrapbook paper "place mats" I had in my craft closet stash and I ordered the napkins HERE and runner HERE.

For dinner he requested meatball subs and I was happy to oblige that request. 

Quick and easy and suuuuper simple to put together.  If you have a teen who LOVED Cars as a kid I highly suggest getting out their Cars cars and doing this dinner ;) 

HAPPY Wednesday, friends!!!


  1. You are so creative! I LOVE this idea and am stealing it for my almost 16 year old son :)!

  2. I absolutely love this!!! It turned out great! My son was absolutely obsessed with the Cars movies, anything Cars themed, etc. He's 8 now.... This is such a cute idea for a 16th birthday with family. So cute!!

  3. This is the sweetest 16th birthday idea! My son (now 18) was completely obsessed with Cars - I wish I had thought of it 2 years ago!

  4. So perfect!! Happy 16th to Luke!

  5. Andrea, I LOVE everything you do. You really are such a great Mom!!!

  6. That is a perfect theme for a 16 year old and he's a great sport to go along with it. My boys made me stop all themes somewhere in their very early teens... but I'm thinking I'm going to do something a bit over the top for 20!

  7. I love this! Your children will never forget how special you make them feel!


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