Wednesday, March 27, 2024

What's Up Wednesday

 Today I'm linking up with  Shay and  Sheaffer to talk a little bit about what's been going on around here! I missed out on this last week when I pressed pause on the blog to get caught up on some school things but wanted to share anyway ;)

The Mediterranean crunch salad from Costco with these chicken skewers.  SO SO SO GOOD!

Easter back when it was matching outfits and egg hunts ;). Not an outfit or basket planned around here and it makes me a little teary!

Being chauffeured to school in the mornings!  There's something to be said for 7-9 minutes to check my email and make a plan for my day while being driven ;)

Pretty much just this...

... and this...

... and this...

I'm not dreading Luke's bday at all but I KNOW I'll be all up in my feels on Sunday night because my BABY turns 16 on Monday!

Birthday dinners!!! It's been extra busy around here lately and I'm not as on top of these as I'd like to be but I have started ordering a couple of things and getting my act together.

I don't think anything will ever top the Harry Potter dinner I did back in 2020 for Luke's 12th birthday...

Easter means deviled eggs and I can't wait!  Click HERE to check out my recipe as well as the candied pecan details - TRUST ME!

I'm currently reading The Cherry Robbers...

... and watching Gilmore Girls for the 50th time. hahaha

Can't stop!

How cute is THIS DRESS?!?! I bought it last summer in white and wore it constantly and when I Saw it back in this color I knew I had to order.

Ignore the birks ;) They were just what I was wearing when I tried it on.

All the Easter things and celebrating Luke!

ALL the birthdays!

The Dude Perfect smoothie!  Anyone else's kids still VERY into Dude PErfect and so pumped to try their smoothie???

HAPPY Wednesday, friends!

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  1. No Easter baskets here either... and definitely no matching outfits. I'll be happy if all my boys get dressed in some sort of regular clothes! LOL. It's a whole different kind of fun with teens and young adults though. Wishing your family a very happy Easter and Luke a wonderful 16th birthday!

    1. Yes! Different kind of fun is right ;) Happy Easter to your family as well!


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