Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Prime Lately

I had a laminator for several years that I loved and used often until it randomly stopped working and completely melted a project I was trying to laminate.  I grabbed this one because the price was great and have been really impressed!

I've mentioned these shorts several times but I ordered Luke another two-pack as he heads into outdoor track season and they're still his favorite pairs.  They're lightweight, fit well and the zipper pockets seal the deal.

WHY did I wait so long to grab  left-handed scissors for my little lefty?!?! Who knows!  But she is super happy to have them now and it's been fun to watch her cutting all the things ;) 

I grabbed this cowboy hat for the daddy-daughter dance and I hope we see a lot of it with middle school spirit days and football games and ALL of that in the next few years.  The quality is GREAT and the hat is darling.

My kids literally heckled me the other day for having an entire closet of craft supplies without any glue sticks and I had no idea I was lacking in the glue department. hahaha. Next day these showed up and I kid you not someone has used a glue stick daily.  Not sure how we survived so many years without them but everyone is glad we have them now ;)

After Luke and I stayed at The Graduate Hotel in Fayetteville I grabbed  this coffee table book and it's been so fun to flip through.  The hotels really are unique and fun and we've marked a few we definitely want to check out in person.

I LOVE a roll of stickers for grading papers and I grabbed these "bunny peep" stickers...

I grabbed this onesie for Mason to wear on "onesie Wednesday" and he's worn it A TON at home. hahaha. This should surprise no one ;)

I also grabbed  this coffee table book and it's DARLING!!! The photographs are beautiful, the homes are beautiful and the dogs are just the icing on the cake.

Griffin picked out some super cute "Swiftie" themed valentines for the girls in her class and wanted something football-adjacent for the boys.  We bought  this set of mini helmets and she's making little tags and tying them on.  

I grabbed a couple of sets of  these chargers because we were literally having turf wars over the chargers we have left at our house ;)

I ordered  two of these shakers and put powdered sugar in one and cinnamon sugar in the other. LOVE THEM!

HAPPY Tuesday and happy priming, friends!


  1. I just got the same laminator and love it - not a teacher but sometimes you just need to laminate things


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