Monday, December 4, 2023

Playroom Christmas and Christmas Books

 Christmas in our playroom is always one of the happiest views - I look forward to it every year!

The tree is kind of the star of the show - and has been since it was a much smaller, skinnier tree and I'm forever grateful that my kids insisted on colorful ornaments all those years ago when my plan was black and white.

We got THIS TREE last year and she is STUNNING!!!  Full and tons of lights and showcases all the crazy ornaments perfectly.  Is she too big for this spot? Probably.  But that's part of the fun at this point.

The ornaments are a mix of plastic colorful balls from Target and a bunch of fun pieces from everywhere from Homegoods to Anthropologie to Amazon and World Market and everywhere in between.

Beaver ornament? Why not. 

Astronaut mouse? Absolutely. 

I still put Christmas books out on the shelf...

... along with one of my very favorite nativities...

We have an advent calendar on the door that has cards that correspond with the Jesus Storybook Bible.  Ours are old from Crew + Co, but you can find similar cards  HERE.

I usually do a big Christmas Book post, but this year I'm going to highlight the two new books I have and then link back to my big post HERE.

Sounding Joy is a new addition and the illustrations and story are DARLING

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  1. Several years ago you posted about your Christmas books and I started collecting some to have at my house for my grandchildren. I have a huge basket full of books that we set out at Christmas and I look forward to it coming out every year. Thank you for the inspiration and all of the great recommendations!!


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