Friday, December 8, 2023

Friday Favorites

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I'm currently wrapping up my LAST FULL WEEK before Christmas break and I couldn't be more pumped!  Next week I have half days and am proctoring exams and I'm SO READY for some downtime with my family!

First up on my list of FAVORITES was seeing Prestonwood's Gift of Christmas last weekend with our entire crew plus my parents. 

We've been going to this off and on for eighteen years and it just keeps getting better and better

The music is always fantastic - the talent is incredible and the entire production-level is just so good.

Sidenote - this is Luke's new FAVORITE clothing item and I love it because it's kind of a coat without being a coat (because God forbid we wear a coat, y'all!) and he loves the style and fit. He's worn it closed as a shirt and open over a hoodie and both ways look great. I have a feeling it will be an item he keeps in his closet for years!

I say this every year but it's just unbelievable what they do with a volunteer cast!

Friday night one of G's FAVORITE people ever had their birthday party at a skating rink...

... and she had the best time.  LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE!!!

She gifted her bestie a Charm-It bracelet which is my new FAVORITE girl/tween gift idea.  The charms are all on clasps and totally removable.  We went a little nuts on the charms but you could do as few or as many as you wanted and I love a gift that you can add to for later events.

Movie nights are our FAVORITE...

... and headshot day is for SURE her favorite because LIPSTICK!!!

Last Saturday we went to the most GORGEOUS location to get some Christmas card photos...


I can't wait to see them!

This sunset wasn't too shabby either ;)

Afterward we went over to my parents for some BBQ...

... journaling and games ;)

A few other favorites from the week are:

Rosie got a new bed...

... Griffin took selfies with her teacher...

... Mason got to display his art in the art showcase...

... and Luke was part of a percussion trio.

We made one of our FAVORITE Dutch treats for "Christmas Around The World Day" in 5th grade...

... and I got started wrapping gifts!  MY FAVORITE!

Last, but not least - Griffin got to sing at an assisted living center with Honor Choir.  The sweetest!

This is how we're all feeling right about now, how about y'all?!?!?! ;)

HAPPY Friday, friends!!!

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  1. I have never been to Prestonwood's performance. Why have I not?! It always looks so magical!!

  2. That show looks incredible! I bet those Christmas photos are going to be incredible. I had to laugh over the shirt/jacket comment... even living up here in New England it's amazing how many teens refuse to wear coats (or even pants as many still wear shorts and insist they are not cold!).


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